2019 PPANJ Annual Award Results


Michael Travisano

PPA National Award
Diana Lang

2019 Print Competition Awards

Court Of Honor Illustrative (Master)
(Maker : Title)

Steven Yahr: Portrait Of A Cardinal
Steven Yahr: Food For The Young

Court Of Honor Illustrative (Non Master)

Nancy Erickson: Hey Get Off My Lawn
Nancy Erickson: The Dance
Wayne Domkowski: deHaviland Mosquito The Wooden Wonder
Bill Smithuysen: An Artists Rainbow
Aileen Tweer: Fonthilll Castle

Court Of Honor Portrait (Master)

Michael Stahl: Pretty In Ink
Pat Rubin: Lazy Days Of Summer

Court Of Honor Portrait (Non Master)

Diana Lang: Velveteen

Court Of Honor Social (Non Master)

Matthew Guindon: Rainy Night

ASP Award

Steven Yahr : Sitting Pretty

CPP Award

Steven Yahr: Sitting Pretty

Rookie Of The Year
(Maker : Case Score)

Matt Meyer: Score 314

320 Award

Nancy Erickson: Score of 334
Steven Yahr: Score of 333
Wayne Domkowski: Score of 325
Bill Smithuysen: Score of 325
Michael Stahl: Score of 323
Pat Rubin: Score of 321

Out Of State Award

Lisa Cuchara: Left Behind

Malis Award

Nancy Erickson: The Dance

Zeltsmen Award

Nancy Erickson: Score of 334

Fassbender Award

Nancy Erickson: The Dance

Judges Choice
(Judge : Maker : Title)

Ken Bovat: Bill Smithuysen for: An Artists Rainbow
Aurora DeLuca: Wayne Domkowski for: deHaviland Mosquito The Wooden Wonder
Ivan Domazet: Erin Usawicz for: Coney Island Kiss
Nancy Green: Aileen Tweer for: All Aboard
Tatiana Lumiere: Diana Lang for: Oh La La
Jim LaSala: Diana Lang for: Velveteen


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