To our members and friends of PPA NJ.

It is with the greatest appreciation that we say Thank You for your support.
We send our sincerest wishes for a joyous holiday season for you and your family.
Over the past year we have all endured the stress of this Pandemic.
The business of Professional Photography is in transition, we are challenged,
we have had to recreate how we market ourselves and sell our products in
a world whose economy has drastically changed. 
The stress of keeping our business’s going while creating new safe practices is difficult
enough but remaining positive in the fight against COVID-19 has proven daunting.

During this gift giving season, we see "Hope" as the greatest gift of all.
Hope inspires us to continue forward knowing that things will get better. 

It is with this hope that PPA NJ will continue into the future regardless of our
membership numbers being lower than expected. Our membership though diminished remains
a fine group of photographers dedicated to their craft. However our size forces us t
o re think who were are and what we should offer as an association.

There are many reasons why organizations are having difficulty maintaining membership.
We feel with everything going on people are overwhelmed and fatigued.
We all need time to rest, prioritize and reset.

PPA NJ will take this time as well to quiet down for the winter and have our next meeting set for March 2021. 
During this respite, we trust that everyone will take time for themselves, their family and friends.

We can return in March ready to be together again as an association, standing in support of one another,
raising the bar of photographic excellence either in person or virtually, whichever is safest.

We look forward to seeing you then.
Please feel free to contact Andrea Phox or Jim Roselli with any concerns or questions
you may have regarding your membership.

Wishing you the best of Holiday's.
Stay safe and be well.
PPA NJ State Council