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Bryan Welsh - Mind Mapping

Bryan Welsh presents Mind Mapping at PPANJ

Mind Mapping - A tool to unleash your best ideas

Have you heard the Chinese proverb that "the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory?" I know its a must for me to get things down on paper or into software that allows me to expand on my moments of inspiration. Have you had a big idea that never became realized or implemented for a lack of clarity? I'm excited to share a tool that will unleash your creativity and allow you to expand on your best ideas. Mind Mapping and idea expansion practices may be familiar to you, but it's more of a foreign concept too many. Bryan Welsh, you will introduce you to the concept, tools, and real-life situations that will make you believe in the Mind Mapping process. Come with an open mind and at least one idea you want to expand on and leave with a new outlook on brainstorming and problem solving.

Presented by Bryan Welsh M. Photog, Cr., CPP, API, EA-ASP

About Bryan

Both his clients and peers recognize Bryan Welsh, a second-generation photographer, for his creative stylized photography. He has received numerous merits and awards in image competitions on both a local and national level that include - PPA Loan Collections, Fuji MASTERPIECE awards, Kodak Gallery awards and the ASP State Elite award. His images and articles have appeared in Studio Photography and Professional Photographer magazine(s) as well as used in Nikon's National advertising.


Awards and Recognitions

Bryan has the Master of Photography Degree & Photographic Craftsman Degree from Professional Photographers of America. He is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer and has both the Fellow of Photography Degree and Honorary Fellow of Photography Degree from the Oregon Professional Photographers Association. He also holds the Educational Associate Degree from the American Society of Photographers. Bryan is a national speaker with over 200 PPA Speaker Merits and is a PPA Approved International Juror. Additional honors include the PPA National Award and the PPA 2020 Directors Award.

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